Fund Administration

Private Equity & Real Estate

Our professional and skilled Private Equity and Real Estate team deliver financial accounting results and performances metrics in a consistent, timely and accurate manner to a host of constituents, including investors, regulators and internal management. Our rich experience and strong technical knowledge equips us to handle fund characteristics that include complex waterfalls, tiered management fee arrangements, investor friendly investment structures and investments in both liquid and illiquid securities, regardless of whether a fund is internally administered or utilises an external administrator.

Our services include Fund Accounting and Administration, Investor Relations, Tax, Financial and Regulatory Reporting and SPV Administration Services, all provided on a global scale and managed through a single point of contact.

  • Maintenance of fund accounting books and records
  • Process investment transactions ( acquisitions and dispositions)
  • Carried interest waterfall calculations and modelling (distribution, hypothetical and clawback)
  • Management fee calculations
  • Prepare schedule of investments
  • Maintain investor capital account balances
  • Prepare IRR (gross and net) and equity multiple metrics
  • Performance and tracking at the Investor, fund and Asset level
  • IRR (gross and net) at legal entity and investor levels
  • NCREIF and IPD reporting
  • Investor analytics
  • Management reporting.
  • Investment analytics.
  • Interact with and support valuation agents
Hedge Funds

Fintech offers a comprehensive fund administration solution to credit funds, proprietary trading and alternative investment managers, supporting fund managers to meet increasing demands from Institutional investors and regulators for greater transparency and operational efficiency.

Our comprehensive suite of fund services and outsourcing solutions helps client to gain meaningful, sophisticated and intuitive reporting allowing them to make informed decisions. We perform the following functions:

  • Fund Accounting: Preparation of P&L and estimated daily and periodic official Net Asset Valuations (NAV)
  • Financial Reporting: Preparation of fund financial statements with audit and footnote support
  • Investor Services and Accounting: Management fee calculations and record keeping of subscriptions and redemptions
  • Shareholder Services: AML/KYC compliance, registrar and transfer agency services
  • Experts in supporting Sec 3(c)(1) and 3(c)(7) fund structures
  • Investor communications and investor reporting preparation, distribution, and archiving
  • Integrated management performance fee calculation, monitoring and tracking
  • Integrated tracking of capital contributions and withdrawals, partnership and new issue allocation
  • Prime brokerage data ‘pipe’ connections for streamlined reconciliation
  • Connected pricing interfaces for efficient valuation calculations
  • Performance measurement analytics and reporting
  • Third-party compliance analytics for financing agents, regulatory bodies, and fund management compliance groups
  • Full audit coordination and support
  • ERISA compliance monitoring

FATCA compliance and monitoring and registration support for offshore entities

Family Office

Fintech Fund Services offers an extensive range of services created specifically to meet the needs of Family Offices.

  • We specialise in providing customised solutions for businesses and HNIs
  • Customized and extensive accounting solutions for Family Offices
  • High quality customer service with end-to-end technological support to Family Office and Private Wealth Management clients
  • Our futuristic technology help us to provide easiest of solutions to even the most complex structures
Fund of Funds

Fintech offers a comprehensive fund administration solution to fund of funds. Services include accounting, valuation, investor servicing, custody, and back-middle office support and technology. With market-leading experience in fund of hedge funds, our team is dedicated to managing the operational workflows of your trade execution and data collection processes. We perform the following functions on behalf of the Fund or the Fund Manager:

  • Asset level statement and data collection from underlying fund Valuation accounting including preparation of P&L and periodic Net Asset Valuations (NAV)
  • Financial reporting including preparation of fund financial statements with audit support
  • Investor servicing and accounting including management /Incentive fee calculations
  • Shareholder services including AML/KYC compliance, registrar and transfer agency services
  • Investor communications and investor reporting preparation, distribution, and archiving
  • Capital call administration and management
  • Performance measurement analytics and reporting
  • Full audit coordination and support
  • ERISA compliance monitoring
Seperate Managed Accounts

Fintech is uniquely qualified to establishing and supporting managed account relationships that requires significant additional infrastructure and coordination with managers, investors and administrators. Our robust technology infrastructure and integration capabilities handle the complexity that a managed account platform entails.

For each managed account appointment, a single agreement between the asset manager, Fintech and the custody bank governs the administration of the account. Fintech acts as the single point of contact for the asset manager, eliminating time-consuming administrative tasks for you and your team. We offer:

  • Daily position, P&L and transaction reporting solutions
  • Timely data, allowing funds to report on specific time horizons and knowledge dates,
  • Consolidated reporting, turning data from a diverse array of managers into clear and consistent reports
  • Effective investor record keeping and reporting systems

Investor Services

  • In today’s world, Investors are concerned and worried about the inadequately and inefficiently controlled money movement in the unregulated investment funds.
  • Addressing investor’s concerns and needs, Fintech has created an extremely efficient mechanism of financial control to protect the probity of its clients. To increase the effectiveness of these controls, a system of joint control is designed by Fintech, where approval of Fintech as well as Fund is required for the money transfer to any third party.
  • With our stringent Compliance Services, we make sure, our Client Funds comply with local as well as international Anti Money Laundering requirements. Few of them are:
    • KYC of the investors.
    • Transactions recording.
    • Stringent verification of the source of incoming funds.
  • Fintech helps its clients in distribution of the offer documents to the investors and all the related activities that go with it.
  • Distribution of Periodic Reports to the Investors.
  • Fintech helps the client funds by providing the periodic reports to the Investors. The reports can be monthly, quarterly, bi yearly and yearly. The Reports are provided to investors by any/all of the means provided below:
    • Hard copy through post.
    • Soft copy through email.
    • Giving investors the option to download the report from the website using a user name and password provided to them.
  • The reports can also be distributed to other people as deemed necessary by the client funds.
  • If the Clients funds wants, the functionality of providing the Investors Services through the website can be activated for few/all the investors. The investors can be provided with a user name and password to login to their account online.
  • Since the services involve information of client funds, we use a secure connection to protect the privacy of the investors.
  • We can help our clients by simplifying the process of processing the Investor Subscriptions and redemptions and handling all the aspects related with the processes. Given below is a list of measures we undertake to make the whole process less cumbersome for the client funds and investors alike.
    • We can review the client subscription documents.
    • We can issue the confirmation of the subscriptions and redemptions to the investors.
    • We can help investors in providing important and relevant information which may be needed by them, like providing and explaining proper tax classification.
    • We can verify and double check the authenticity and eligibility of the redemption requests placed by the investors.
    • We can handle all the compliances related to the KYC for our clients.
    • We can provide any other activity which may be needed by our clients.
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Start-Up Funds

Start-Up Funds
  • Fintech Fund Services understands that the needs of a Start-up Fund are largely different from those of established funds. Keeping in mind the requirement of clients who are in the process of launching the new funds, we provide specialised services tailor made for the Start-up Funds.
  • Apart from providing our regular services, we guide our Start-up Clients to smoothly sail through the process of setting up a new fund.
  • We review, comment, suggest and expert advice on the offer documents by Client
  • We advise clients on the structure and terms to be setup for the new funds
  • We provide advisory services to the client on fund allocation issues, tax issues, fee structures, administrative issues and marketing.
  • Apart from the above services, we also help our clients in selecting other specialised and quality consultants and other service providers like Custodian Banks, Auditors, Prime Brokers and Attorneys

Shadow Administration

As the laws around us become more stringent, new age investor’s need for greater transparency and an ever growing list of regulations has made it mandatory for the funds to perform a third party validation of the Fund Administrators.

Fintech Fund Services, with the help of its stringent detailed cross-check and validation procedures, helps its clients to be sure that their Fund’s data is complete, accurate and reliable. These procedures are significant to various aspects of a Fund like trading, portfolio management, accounting, compliance and risk management.

Fintech works in close association with its clients to customise the Shadow Administration Solutions as per their requirements. Fintech diminishes the gap between the fund and the administrator by providing the client with relevant information needed, by providing at least two parties to verify the critical information. These steps taken by Fintech helps in promoting a seamless and efficient relationship between the fund and the administrator.

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Other Services

Fintech Fund Services understands that different clients have different needs. Considering the unending needs of the clients, we also provide many customised services and products as per the requirements of a particular fund or business.